CD: Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff: Romances & Arias

This CD was created as a response to depressive times of Covid-19 Lockdown in 2020, when entire Musical World had to go through unemployment and fear of not ever being able to perform. The collection of songs is full of lively energy, joy and passion bursting out of a desperate soul, craving for real Life. Price $22 USD + $3 USD Shipping

Track 1: Rachmaninov “I long for Thee”

Track 2: Tchaikovsky “It was in the early spring”

Track 3: Tchaikovsky “We were sitting together “

Track 4: Rachmaninov “It feels good in here”

Track 5: Tchaikovsky “Tell me in the shadow of branches”

Track 6: Tchaikovsky “Iolanta’s Arioso “

Track 7: Tchaikovsky “Pinpinella”

Track 8: Tchaikovsky “Why”

Track 9: Rachmaninov “Spring Waters”

Track 10: Rachmaninov “Dream”

Track 11: Tchaikovsky “Was I not like grass in the lea“

Track 12: Tchaikovsky “Whether day dawns”

Track 13: Tchaikovsky “Tatiana’s letter scene


“I think, I can listen to Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff in Anna Belaya`s performance forever. During difficult times her voice gives faith and hope for a better life.”

Daniel Obodovsky, USA
CEO & Founder of The Silent Intelligence,
Author of the Book “The Silent Intelligence, The Internet of Things

“Anna Belaya has a beautiful voice! Such an array of unusual feelings…like from a different world, without troubles. Thank you for your talent, your art, possibility to plunge into the magical world of true eternal Music”

Oxana Grigorenko, Ukraine
Fashion Designer/Tailor